How do I start a new game when a save file already exists?

How do I delete my save data and start over? My brother grabbed hold of my 3DS when I wasn’t looking, and I now have twice as many Pokedex entries, all named such travesties as Purkachurrr, Panpurrr, Durnspurrrrr, and Metapod (an Azuril, mind).

Since I was maybe only 20 minutes in, I think it might be best (for my sanity if nothing else), to just start the game over. But I can’t find a way to start a new game! The main menu only lets me continue on the current save file.

Is there a way to handle this in game, or should I be deleting data from the main 3DS OS instead?


At the opening sequence, press the following button combination: Up + B + X. This should prompt you for deleting your save file.

The Up + B + Select no longer works on the X/Y series at the main menu, the button combination must be done at the opening movie sequence.

Source : Link , Question Author : Raven Dreamer , Answer Author : C-dizzle

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