How do I survive the first night outside?

I started playing Minecraft some days ago, and understood what to do the first week or 2 (in Minecraft time). Until now I strictly followed the day/night cycle. I went outside to get woods, porks and other things during the days and mined/crafted hard during the nights.

But I am now attracted and scared at the same time by the strange noises that I hear during the night and I would like to try going out, and possibly survive.

So, what should I expect to find outside in the night? What I have to know and more what I need to craft to be able to survive till morning?


At a basic level, nighttime is just a darker version of the day, but your passive NPCs (pigs, sheep, etc) stop spawning in most areas (since they only spawn where there is light) and aggressive ones (zombies, skeletons, spiders, etc) begin to spawn.

Dealing with each type of aggressive mob will take different strategies. You should read up on each type of mob at the Minecraft Wiki.

Generally-speaking, I’d suggest having a stone or iron sword (the 3rd and 2nd best weapons in the game according to damage they deal). A bow and arrows are also great since they allow you to fight at range, but arrows aren’t as easy to make. If you go this route, remember that you can retrieve arrows after you fire them. This will cut down on how often you have to replenish your supply with new ones.

Armor will help, especially when you begin dealing with the more difficult mobs such as Creepers, which start hissing and explode when they get close. Taking some food for emergency healing is also a wise idea.

EDIT- In the current version of the game, food does not instantly heal you. Please keep this in mind while trying to survive.

Source : Link , Question Author : Drake , Answer Author : Drew

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