How do I take off my pants?

So I was in my New Leaf house and I accidentally put on a pair of pants instead of displaying them. Then I went and clicked on myself and I have no option to take off my pants. Ever. I swapped them with another pair for the display, but I can’t get those off either. And the weird bit is when I put on the pants nothing was swapped back to my inventory.

How do I take off my pants?


I have mastered taking off my pants!

To remove your pants, simply put on a full-length dress. This places your shirt and pants into your inventory. Then just put on a different shirt and boom, you got your dress off and your pants off!

I have also just discovered the same method can be used to remove your shirt as well! Instead of re-equiping a shirt after putting on a dress, instead put on pants or a skirt and you will have no shirt!

Source : Link , Question Author : CyberSkull , Answer Author : CyberSkull

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