How do I take screenshots of fullscreen games on a Windows 7 PC?

I want to take screenshots during gameplay. This is on a PC with Windows 7. I don’t want to use Fraps because my PC sucks and can barely run the game.

What are my options? I would prefer something like the OS X screen capture with Command + Shift + 3.


I agree with Oak that Steam is a very viable option for taking screenshots in-game as well as the stock print screen mechanic.

I would like to pose a third option, though. You could always check out a utility like Greenshot. Which takes the print screen mechanic a step further by automatically saving the the image to the desktop, or other desired location, instead of simply leaving it in clip board (as seen here). It’s free, safe and open source, and is readily available to download through the homepage I linked above or on Sourceforge. It’s a 544 KB download. Unlike an application like CloudApp or Steam’s screenshot utility, you will have to upload your image to a host of your choosing.

Source : Link , Question Author : Rohan Monga , Answer Author : G.D. Hamell

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