How do I unlock additional trading carts for the Palico trader?

Similar to the farm and Wycoon from previous games, Monster Hunter Generations has a “generate items for resource points” feature. In this game it takes the form of a Palico Trader where you can send off your Palicos to trade with other towns, and they come back with items. However, you only start off with one trading slot/cart.

How do you unlock additional Palico Trading Slots?


All farm upgrades come from Prowler village quests.

  • Jurassic Fungologist (2★) unlocks the mushroom trade.
  • Bug Reports (3★) unlocks the insect trade.
  • Marshlands Fishing? (4★) unlocks the fish trade.
  • Kut-Ku Earbreaker (5★) unlocks the second cart.
  • Surrounded by Blue and Green (6★) unlocks the third cart.

Source: Kiranico. All of the farm upgrade quests are from Neko (Means “Cat”).

Source : Link , Question Author : Wipqozn , Answer Author : Pyritie

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