How do I use my Xbox 360 control pad in Mass Effect 3?

Don’t get me wrong, mouse and keyboard is, to me, the only way to play the game seriously (multiplayer, usually), however, sometimes I just like to sit back and enjoy myself. Enter: The Xbox 360 controller.

In almost any other modern game, I only need to have the controller plugged in to have it be recognised. Heck, in some of them, I have to remove it just to get access to mouse and keyboard controls. Worst case scenario, the pad control switch is in the options, and you only need to enable it to use a pad.

Mass Effect 3 seems to be missing out on this trend, though.

The controller does not seem to auto-detect or enable and I don’t see a switch in the options. I really hope the answer to this is not Xpadder or joy2key, so I ask…

How do I enable the Xbox 360 control pad to work in the PC version of Mass Effect 3?


Mass Effect 3 does not support any other input than mouse and keyboard on the PC, so there is no official way to use an Xbox 360 controller on the PC. See for example this thread on the official forums where a Bioware employee states that the inability to use a controller is intended.

Source : Link , Question Author : Aeo , Answer Author : Mad Scientist

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