How do trading card booster packs drop?

So today I woke up and noticed new item in inventory which was a booster pack containing 3 cards from L4D 2. From what I see on market these booster packs are new (graph only shows up to 19 of June). No matter the game it seems to always contain 3 cards. There are two actions I can do with it: unpack or sell. There is fancy animation when you unpack the booster 😉

enter image description here

I’m not exactly sure why I got it, I have few guesses:

  • I got new badge, power player – this could give me a booster?
  • Because of new badge I reached level 10 – maybe every couple levels there are gifts?
  • It just dropped randomly for everyone?

Maybe together we could rule out above guesses. It’s also interesting from the point of market, to estimate how many boosters are there. With some games they seem to be more valuable than 3 cards separately, but that maybe only initial confusion.


Booster pack drops are random

They drop randomly for players who have:

  • Completed all of the available trading card drops for a game
  • Used Steam during the last week

These players will randomly receive booster packs. These packs contain three additional cards for the game, and may contain foils.

Note, this does not mean that you have to have crafted a badge for a game, simply that you have 0 card-drops remaining for that game.

Source: Steam Trading Card Beta Community Announcement

Source : Link , Question Author : slawek , Answer Author : Community

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