How do you discover passcodes?

I’ve seen hints that media files can give you codes but I haven’t been able top figure or any from the media I have. How does it work?


Right now all working passcodes I know are the one being published by Niatic Labs in twitter.

Here is the document which contains all known passcodes. All of passcodes should still be applicable and can be used by each player only one.

I recommend you use to apply them.

Would be extremely interesting to try to hack documents you get for codes, but so far I had no success.

Update: some very clever guys from Berlin resistance have found a way how to hack these document, this is the result:

11/19/2012: Sensitives (SOLVED)

Binary code is encoded in the right margin of the document.

Dots with 0
Dash with 1
Equal sign with 11

…to get: 0110000101100110011100100110000101101101001100010011001101110100

Convert binary to ASCII to get: afram13t an #Ingress passcode

An uncensored version of this document was obtained from portal hacking by Ingress >players. The faint text in the enhanced image (attached in this album) is lifted from >page 2 of the doc, which was also obtained by hacking.

Page 1:

Page 2:

Page 2 contains an ADA image hidden in the Niantic logo.

Source : Link , Question Author : Daenyth , Answer Author : BanditoBunny

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