How do you get Rydel to give you both the Mach and Acro bikes?

In Mauville city, Rydel at Rydel’s Cycles lets you switch bikes. I’ve already completed the entire game, but he still only lets me switch bikes.

How do I get him to give me both bikes? I’ve heard you need to ride the bikes around a lot, but I’ve been riding them for a while now. If this is true, how many steps do I need to ride them?


The two bikes are necessary for getting some items in a variety of areas including the Safari Zone and various Mirage Caves. To get both bikes, you need to advertise Rydel’s Bikes to 3 different people throughout the region

  • Mach Bike – Show the Mach Bike to a Hex Maniac in the Route 111 Desert:
    Hex Maniac
  • Acro Bike – Show the Acro Bike to a Bird Keeper in the Acro
    Bike area of Route 119 – Requires Surf & Waterfall:
    Bird Keeper
  • Any Bike – Speak to a Triathlete in Battle Resort

Once you have spoken to all three of these characters, return to Rydel’s Cycles in Mauville City and he will give you the other bike, so you now have both bikes at the same time.

From Pokemon ORAS Bicycles – Serebii

Source : Link , Question Author : Skitty Paws , Answer Author : Robotnik

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