How do you get SAM to shut up?

I know it’s cold out SAM, you don’t have to tell me every time I step away from a solar heater. I know there’s resources to be mined, that’s why I’m in the area with my display up. I know there is a Remnant camp up ahead, they are currently shooting at us.

Is there any way to stop this AI in my head from telling me these things?!


As an avid SAM hater, I, too, hoped for a “mute SAM” option. Sadly, it does not appear that there is one at this time, though many users have complained and requested one. From this article:

there’s no telling him to stop, and sadly (as yet) no mute button. All players can hope for is that SAM calms down after the game’s next big patch.

Source : Link , Question Author : FoxMcCloud , Answer Author : Vemonus

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