How do you handle a station that is both a source and a destination for a resource?

I have a large station with a forest on one end and a sawmill on the other. Wood is piling up in the station; does any portion of it get consumed directly by the sawmill? What do I need to do to get the rest of it consumed as well (preferably by the same sawmill)?


This station is exactly like a passenger station that both generates and accepts passengers:

  • the wood that is being generated there needs to be taken to another station that accepts wood.
  • the station will accept wood from other sources, but never from itself.

None of the cargo is “absorbed” by the local sawmill – you will need to transport all of it away, and if you want that local sawmill to generate goods you will need to transport wood in from another source.

Source : Link , Question Author : fbrereto , Answer Author : DMA57361

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