How do you make the best DPS warrior?

How should I go about building a great DPS warrior? I am playing the default role of a Noble Warrior. Alister is my tank, and I’m using the build and tips from this question. In the end my main group will be a warrior tank, warrior dps, mage healer, and mage/rogue dps.

What suggestions do you have for the following:

  • Specializations (currently only missing Champion)
  • Attribute
  • Skills
  • Talent
  • Tactics
  • Equipment

Note: This is my first play though. Playing with Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition.


Also depends on what kind of DPS you want (sustained vs burst). Burst is way better to kill casters, as they usually got low armor/HP: For that you’ll want a 2handed weapon (axe, you don’t need the armor penetration of clubs, and the extra damage), and you can send those dammed mage flying in pieces.

For sustained dps, dual wield is better (fun fact: Dual wielding as a rogue is way funnier, due to backstabs etc). You’ll want at least one club for the arpen.

Overwall, sustained DPS is better damage than Burst, and easier to play, as it don’t rely so much on active skills. However, 2Handers are extremely good soloers, almost guaranteed to win any one-on-one.

I’d go berserker + Templar (templar sucks, I know, but it’s awesome for killing casters – and c’mon, casters are the only threat you face), use a 2hander stacking crit and attack speed.

Source : Link , Question Author : SgtOJ , Answer Author : Lucas Famelli

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