How do you mark components and what effect does it have?

Inspired by a statement in the question “How can I get more adhesive?“:

I keep adhesive marked as a needed component all the time, and grab every piece of marked junk I see.

How do you mark crafting components? And I’m assuming it just “alerts” you when an item has that material, but how/when will I know exactly?

I play on PS4, in case it matters in terms of buttons.


You’re also able to do this from within your inventory on the junk tab by selecting the “Component View” option. This also allows you to remove items from the search list:

component view

Additionally, when you’re in Workshop mode and building, if you do not have all of the required component parts to build an item the “Tag for search” option will enable on the bottom menu bar:

tag for search

This will add the missing items from the item list to the search list and when you hover over an item that scraps into components including the parts on your search list the item name has a magnifying glass next to it.

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Broots Waymb , Answer Author : kalina

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