How do you perform sneak attacks?

How do you sneak attack? Can it only be performed with certain weapons? I.E. Swords, Daggers, Bows.


How do you sneak attack?

When you attack some target, and that target doesn’t know where you are at the moment the attack lands – that’s a sneak attack.

Some relevant details:

  • The eye indicator tells you if anything detects you. You can still sneak attack with a fully open eye indicator when your target doesn’t detect you.
  • You can sneak attack with any weapon or with fists. You cannot sneak attack with spells (or shield bash or twohander bash, I need to test this).
  • You can do a sneak power attack.

Additional tips:

  • Sneak attacks grant sneak skill experience. Sneak attacks are a great way to level sneak skill.
  • Sneak attack multipliers apply to physical damage done. Blacksmithing improvements, weapon skill perks, and power attack bonuses are multiplied. Poison and enchanting damage are not multiplied.
  • When you have low sneak skill, it is easiest to sneak attack with a bow.
  • The Calm spell is a great way to setup sneak attacks.

Source : Link , Question Author : ray , Answer Author : Amy B

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