How do you sheathe your sword? Also, how do I change the default controls?

How do you sheathe your sword in The Witcher 2? Guards are attacking me in Flotsam and I have no idea how to do it.

Less specifically, is there anywhere I can look at (and ideally change) the default controls?


The launcher contains the video and in game options, it’s a bit hidden (screens are from GoG version):

Start the launcher, click on Video and Language

Launcher(here, english)

In the options which are mainly video settings, there is a button below names Input Settings…, click that.

Input Settings button

Double click on current key value for an action, it will turn red, then enter your desired key for that action. Some keys are not bindable to anything else, like I for Inventory or J for journal. That put me off, too, since I use the ZGHJ layout and everything else around it.

You can also find gamepad settings here (Tab Gamepad)

Input settings, key-bindings

Source : Link , Question Author : Ian Pugsley , Answer Author : DrFish

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