How do you use cloak effectively?

I chose the infiltrator class and have maxed out the cloaking ability. Overall the class and their cloak ability still seems disappointing when compared to some of the other class abilities.

So far I have been using cloak to get easy headshots with the sniper rife at medium range or to sneak up behind a small group of enemies and melee them. But both of these strategies mean that I can only take out ~1 enemy before becoming uncloaked.

What is the most effective strategy for cloaking?


As an infiltrator, you’re deadliest at long range with a sniper rifle. I find it most effective to use the cloak (1) to safely peek out of cover to line up headshots with the extra damage bonus, and (2) to reposition if the enemies get too close. This tactic works great in multiplayer, where an infiltrator can solo pretty much any wave without a timed objective by kiting enemies around and only taking shots from a safe distance.

Source : Link , Question Author : row1 , Answer Author : hammar

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