How does a Terran player stop a cannon rush from Protoss?

On a small 1v1 map playing Protoss vs. Terran, if the Protoss player brings the probe to build a pylon and forge in a corner of the Terran base, what should the Terran player do?

It seems like the probe is so fast that sending all the SCVs to kill the pylon/probe would slow down mineral gathering.


When playing on a small map, you should be careful and scout your starting location. When you see a probe coming, try to kill it with two SCVs (micromanagement needed, you will have to round it up). If it starts building a pylon, send about 5 SCVs to destroy it, since without the pylon all buildings are useless. You should have at least one or two SCVs gathering minerals at all times and build more while getting rid of the rush. Then build barracks asap and you should be fine.

So the strategy is like this:

  1. if you suspect a canon rush, scout your base
  2. once a probe comes in, send 2 SCVs to kill it, micromanage the hunt
  3. if the probe starts building a pylon, go for the pylon with more SCVs
  4. always have at least 2 SCVs gathering minerals and build more
  5. Build Barracks ASAP

Source : Link , Question Author : spong , Answer Author : ahsteele

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