How does damage versus Zyra’s Plants work?

Zyra’s plant summons all have 6 hitpoints, yet they often survive multiple hits from champions.

I assume this means they are similar to Wards (3 hp, 1 hp per attack), but the plants seem able to take more than 1 hp of damage at a time, so it’s not an identical mechanic.

What determines how much damage Zyra’s plants take?


All plants can killed by 3 AAs from Champs or one single target spell and one AA.

Minion Damage is treaten diffrently, but from a siege minion one shot equals one bar. Turrets instantly kill the plant (one shot).


  • Single-Target spells do 4 damage each (2 bars).

  • AOE abilites deal 1.5 damage each. (per tick if applicable, like Morgana’s tormented soil)

  • DoTs deal .5 damage each tick.

  • smaller mobs (including neutrals) do 1 damage per auto attack (1/2 a bar) .

  • bigger creeps (big wraith, big golem etc) and champions do 2 damage (1 bar) per auto attack.

  • Towers kill the plants instantly (6 damage).


From Reddit: Zyra’s Plants Take Damage in Extremely Buggy Ways

Source : Link , Question Author : Raven Dreamer , Answer Author : Raven Dreamer

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