How does Endurance and leveling up effect HP?

A friend of mine believes that you should fully train a Dweller’s Endurance before you level them up, and that doing so will increase their final health. Meaning, a level 50 Dweller who trained Endurance after becoming level 50 would have a lower health than a level 50 Dweller who had dull Endurance before leveling.

I can’t find anything about that here. Any idea if that’s true?


A great deal of research has been done on it. This thread has a lot of good information.

The short answer is, when your dweller levels up, the amount of HP they gain is based solely on Endurance at the time they do so. So being E10 w/ +7E gear will give the most HPs.

Once I get dwellers to E10 I equip my best Endurence gear (sadly not +7) and send them out until they are in danger of dying or find ‘better’ gear that isn’t Endurance based.

Source : Link , Question Author : Tyler V. , Answer Author : aslum

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