How Does Making a Skill Legendary Affect Spells?

I’m at level 67 and I have a couple skills at 100, so I’m considering whether to make one legendary to improve leveling. But I’m not sure how making Alteration, Illusion or Destruction legendary would affect my spells. Will I lose my more powerful spells when my skill level resets?

For example, Fireball is an adept level Destruction spell, available at Destruction 40. If you reset Destruction to 15 after learning Fireball, do you:

  1. Forget Fireball and have to buy it again?
  2. Keep Fireball, but have to get back to Destruction 40 to use it?
  3. Use Fireball, but do less damage or pay a higher magicka cost?
  4. Use Fireball as normal?

One webpage I found suggested that casting master-level Destruction spells after making Destruction legendary allows fast leveling, which suggests that either #3 or #4 is true, but I couldn’t find anything that definitely stated this was true. Can anyone confirm? Also, from the wiki descriptions and answers here on Arqade, I know I have to reassign perk points, and won’t be able to buy high-level perks in legendary skills until I build my skill back up. So, I’m guessing I won’t have the stagger effect of dual-cast Fireball and will have to pay more to cast it. Also true?

Should I just avoid making a crucial skill legendary and go with something safer, like Alteration or maybe Smithing, which is also 100?


All of the perks for that tree are reset, so you will lose stagger effects and other bonuses that leveling up gave you.

You do not lose the spells themselves, nor have to get back to a certain level to use them again. There isn’t a skill level requirement for using spells, so long as you have enough magicka to use them. Option 3 is probably the most accurate, in that they’ll be a lot less effective due to your skill level and associated perks resetting.

Be wary of making a skill you use frequently legendary, especially a combat one. Going with alteration or smithing would be a good idea in my opinion.

Source : Link , Question Author : John Laviolette , Answer Author : SirBenet

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