How does the XP system work in Agar?

I’ve been playing Agar for some time now, and lately I’ve noticed there was a new XP system in Agar. Since then I’ve been wondering what variables chance the XP gained. I’ve tried googling it, but with no luck.

I’m looking for how the XP system works in these game modes:

  • FFA
  • Teams
  • Experimental


The exact method of gaining XP is not known to the public. The current system is very unstable and buggy, sometimes getting deleted for no reason. If the method was known to the public, many people would start abusing it, so I don’t believe that they will tell us exactly how. It has been noticed, however, that splitting into multiple cells seems to gain you the most XP, as noticed by Reddit user parls (third comment) here. Also, the maximum XP seems to be around 25k.

Source : Link , Question Author : nelson2tm , Answer Author : Non-Master Race

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