How does X% Chance of Finding Magical Items work for a party?

If I have an item with a X% increased chance to Finding Magical Items (3% in this case), does this apply only to me, or does that bonus apply to my party members as well? Could you end up stacking this with your teammates or your followers to provide a decent chance of better items overall?

If I give a piece of equipment to a follower with this bonus, what will happen? Will their bonus stack with mine? The Followers pages don’t specify anything in regards to this nor is there any information on the Game Guide that I could find.

Scouting Gloves with 3% Better Change of Finding Magical Items


As of the 1.04 patch on 8/21/2012, each party member gets their own magic find and gold find value applied to the items that drop for them.

Prior to 1.04, magic find in a party was averaged between party members. So if you had a 4 person party, one had 40%, one had 20%, and the other two had none, everyone would have an effective magic find of 15% for their own drops.

The same thing applies to gold find bonuses and bonuses to XP.

For single player with a follower, you get your own value, plus 20% of the bonuses on your follower’s gear.


Source : Link , Question Author : FAE , Answer Author : bwarner

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