How efficient is allocating workers on auto mode?

I would like to manage workers on my own, but as the city becomes larger, I found it really hard to manage them by myself. If I put workers on auto-mode, how efficient would they be? are there any limitations as to what auto-mode cannot do or will not do?


I’ve been pretty happy with automated workers so far. One thing they will do is adjust things dynamically as your cities grow. They’ll swap trading posts for farms if the city needs more food and that kind of thing.

If your cities are efficient you probably will end up with trading posts on nearly all non-hill tiles, though, which is a little boring-looking.

One further note: I did notice that the auto-workers built a trading post on a marsh without actually clearing the marsh (which could ONLY help the city), so that wasn’t ideal.

Source : Link , Question Author : codingbear , Answer Author : lilserf

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