How far away do portals need to be so that they don’t go to the same place?

I’m playing on a SMP server and am trying to use the Nether to link up all my disparate bases around the world. Note in the below, A is Overworld, B is Nether.

I started with one portal (A1, thus spawning B1 in the Nether), and then created another portal a ways away in the Nether (B2), hoping it would be near the main area all the other players congregate. It (A2) was pretty close to where I wanted it, but not exactly. I then created another portal a short distance away (A3), which was where I was hoping A2 would land. I then went somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 squares away from where I initially built A1 (in the opposite direction of A2/A3) and created another portal, A4.

One would think A3 and A4 would create B3 and B4 on the Nether side, respectively. However, A4 linked to B1, and A3 linked to B2. The weird part is, A1 is further from A4 than A1 is from A3.

I hope that made any sense. My question is:

How far away do portals on the Overworld map need to be from each other in order to spawn separate portals in the Nether? Or, what are some ways to ensure a new portal won’t link to an existing one?


Just make sure there’s at least a 1025 blocks distance between your overworld portals:

Likelihood of 2 overworld portals
linking to the same nether portal –
Normal World portals that are within
1024 distance of each other on either
X or Z axis are almost always going to
link to the same Nether realm portal
on initial construction because 1024
translates to a distance of 128 in the
Nether Realm, and the game checks for
existing Portals within 128 “radius”
around the destination (the
257x257x128 box).

(Minecraft Wiki)

You should also note that, in SMP prior to 1.6, portals were bugged for quite some time and needed server mods like Bukkit in order to work. Ask your admins/operators, there may still be some Bukkit plugin running on your server handling the Nether.

Source : Link , Question Author : aendra , Answer Author : Ludonaut

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