How in the Hell do I get through Hell?

I can’t get through the waves of Demons at the start of Hell. I think I’ve managed it once with two invulnerability potions and an exceptionally lucky formation of demons that spawned randomly. I don’t think I can count on that, which means there must be some easier way to get through all of this, especially after failing 25 times.

For reference, I’m using a Sword of Summoning (lvl 9), I have the Magic Horn and Plate Armor, and have 355 HP from having eaten more candy than an entire city of 9 year olds on November 1st.

What am I missing?


I suggest using only major healing potions for the first round, while directing yourself to the parts where the demon clusters are the thinnest. Use a major healing potion as soon as the cooldown is over, especially at the wall. What you want to aim for are single demons. Don’t be afraid to hit those, since you have more than enough HP to survive.

Once you get teleported back, go to the bottom row as soon as possible and summon an imp. It will kill the ghosts as well as eat through a wall. On your final teleport back, go to the bottom row again (avoid fireballs whenever necessary) and summon another imp, which will cut through the hoard of ghosts to the demon. Use invincibility and spam fire scrolls, and you should be done.

Source : Link , Question Author : LessPop_MoreFizz , Answer Author : Private Pansy

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