How is the EVE Online currency valued?

With all the hype about the latest EVE Online war and it “costing” over $300,000 actual USD, I’d like to know how this is calculated?

From what I gather you cannot purchase ISK in the game, and therefore, there should be no real conversion rate from ISK to USD… so where is this figure coming from?


You can buy a PLEX, which means Pilot License EXtension. Those can be bought for real money and then can be traded ingame for the virtual currency ISK. On Activation, a PLEX grants 30 days of playtime.

At the moment, 1 PLEX is about 600.000.000 ISK or 20 USD if bought from CCP.

PLEX Purchase Options

Source : Link , Question Author : leigero , Answer Author : BadSnowflake

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