How is the skillset of an evolution being chosen?

You may already know that if you catch two Pidgeys, they may have a different skillset.

I’ve also seen that evolving them from different skillsets will also create Pidgeottos with different skillsets.

Are those skills chosen randomly or do they follow a specific pattern? (Like Pidgey pattern 1 will always evolve into Pidgeotto pattern 1.)

If they are specific, is there a website to check for them?


I found a reddit post that lists special moves but the top comment asks about move correlation:

One of the comments provided a chart that illustrates the moves a pidgey learns when evolved into a pidgeotto:

It shows that there is no 100% correlation at all between movesets from one evolution to another. If there is a ratio at all between moves I cannot say for sure due to the small sample size given.

Source : Link , Question Author : Trollwut , Answer Author : Kevin Tian

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