How long does it take a Blood Moon to show up and what respawns exactly after the event?

The Blood Moon is an event in the game which resets the world so that all the killed enemies revives and some weapons you can pick up from the world itself reappear, along with those skull-shaped chests you find at enemy camps.

It is supposed to happen regularly after a certain number of ingame days. What gives rise to my question(s):

  • How long does it take the Blood Moon to show up in ingame days?
  • How much real time does this translate to?
  • How much do day and night lasts in real time?
  • Is there any event that can trigger the Blood Moon out of the
  • Which is the list of elements in the game, in addition to the enemies, that will respawn after the event? (Differentiate between normal, skull-shaped and shrine chests will be appreciated)


1: Blood Moon spawn rate is tied to the number of enemies that have been killed, modified by a seemingly random value. It has no fixed spawn rate, but can glitch to happen very often, and not at midnight. This can be fixed (reportedly) by completely closing the game, removing the cartridge from the slot, then reinserting it.

2: As said above, it doesn’t happen at a fixed rate so can’t be tracked in real minutes.

3: 1 second in real life equals 1 minute in game time. It takes 24 minutes for a full in game day to take place. This means it takes 16 minutes for a day cycle (5AM to 9PM) and 8 minutes for a night cycle (9PM to 5AM).

4: No, apart from the glitch, which doesn’t count as an event

5: All weapons/shields/bows/materials/ore rocks that appear in the overworld, as well as monster camp chests. Shrine enemies will respawn (including “Test of Strength” guardians), but shrine chests will not.

Source : Link , Question Author : Grirg , Answer Author : Grirg

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