How long is a mission available?

You don’t have to take a mission immediately. There’s a brief window of game time where you might be able to wait for a vital research to complete or for an important soldier to finish a medical procedure without losing the opportunity to go on the mission (and without suffering the consequences of ignoring it).

Unfortunately, I haven’t found a table of the mission availability times anywhere, and I never bothered to time it.

I have my first MEC trooper about to finish augmentation in 4 hours, and an abduction mission right now. This is month 2, Enemy Within, Classic Ironman. Can I wait 4 hours for that crucial rocket-punching, fire-drawing, closest-enemy-aim-debuffing MEC, or do I have to take the risk with what I have?

  • More generally, how long do I get to wait for any mission?
  • Does it depend on difficulty or mission type?
  • Is there a randomized
    component, or is it deterministic?


There are two different kind of missions:
1.Side missions

  • They are not important to the story but can help

  • They usually have a deadline,but you can try them again usually.

2.Story missions

  • They are somehow important to the story

  • They usually don’t have a deadline.

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