How many Banelings do I need to wipe different structures?

Wondering if I can find a list of how many Banelings you need to wipe common structures (supply depot, Command centers, pylons, Nexus, fences on the map, etc).

I know I could find out empirically but it’d be nice to know beforehand.

Any help appreciated!


Banelings deal 80 damage to buildings.

Supply Depots have 400 health == 5 Banelings

Command Centers have 1500 health == 19 Banelings

Pylons have 200 health and 200 shields == 5 Banelings

Nexus have 1000 health and 1000 shields == 25 Banelings

Destructible Rocks have 2000 health == 25 Banelings

All numbers are approximate, as they do not take armor into account (which may mean you require 1 more baneling to make up for mitigated damage)

Source : Link , Question Author : JohnIdol , Answer Author : Raven Dreamer

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