How many evolutions can be done in 30 minutes

Basically the title says it all. If your trying to save up evolutions to do them during a single lucky egg, how many evolutions can one do in a 30 min period to maximize the time of the egg?


Depends on how fast the game runs on your phone, but following this video

20 seconds for the evolution animation

6 seconds if it’s new and being registered to pokedex

And some time inbetween. If we say you’re fast and can get to the next one in on average 6 seconds (I assume many of them would be the same, ie. pidgeys)

If we then assume the pokedex wont be a problem;
26 seconds each
30 minutes

That gives ~69 evolutions, provided it’s the same for all pokemon.

Less if you gotta deal with the pokedex

Source : Link , Question Author : Mayshar , Answer Author : Pawaox

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