How many Praxis points can I earn in a single playthrough?

I’m interested in maxing out Jensen in a run-through of Deus Ex: Human Revolution by unlocking all of his abilities. As a result, I need to know how many Praxis points it is possible to earn in a single playthrough?

To accomplish this, I assume you would need to do mercy kills on every single enemy possible while still not being detected for Ghost and Smooth Operator, explore every single hidden area for the XP bonuses, and find all of the hidden Praxis kits.


This image showed up on Reddit this morning demonstrating a perfect score:

Perfect score

Here are the author’s tips:

You have to go for a non-lethal run (pacifist). Try to do a non-lethal takedown on every possible guard. Try to get a multiple takedown on guards having conversations or even patrolling. You can do it if you time it right. Always try to get a ghost bonus/smooth operator wherever possible. If it is difficult to do so in a particular area swarming with guards, bypass all the guards, get the ghost bonus and then come back and takedown all the guards. Hack everything in the game, including alarm panels which can be easily missed. After clearing out an area remember to go back and explore every possible pathway. Get turrets and robots even after deactivating them for extra Xp. This is something a lot of people might miss. Close hacked unlocked safes in the detroit area during your first visit for extra hacking opportunities during your second visit. These are just a few tips I can think of right of the bat.

So, apparently, it is indeed possible to get all 68 Praxis points and max out your augmentations.

Also worth noting that this does include the Tong’s Rescue DLC experience, as I confirmed with him, so you will probably need DLC to achieve this.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mana , Answer Author : Community

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