How many steps are there actually on the path to High Hrothgar

The title says it all.

It is mentioned several times that there are 7000 steps on the path to High Hrothgar. Are there actually 7000 steps or are the NPCs exaggerating?


For the good of Gaming.SE, I actually counted the steps. There are nowhere near 7,000 steps in the game: I counted 732 visible step-like objects (tiered, flat platforms) on the way to High Hrothgar.

  • Bridge to Emblem I: 21
  • Emblem I to II: 151
  • Emblem II to III: 173
  • Emblem III to IV: 124
  • Emblem IV to V: 59
  • Emblem V to VI: 54
  • Emblem VI to VII: 24
  • Emblem VII to VIII: 19
  • Emblem VIII to IX: 51
  • Emblem IX to X: 25
  • Emblem X to Door: 31

Now, the path to High Hrothgar is really worn down: there are several huge gaps between the flights of stairs that may have conceivably had steps at some distant point in the past.

If so, there are 6,268 steps missing, or about 569 steps per segment. I don’t doubt the world artists are amazing, but they definitely took some liberties in how the “steps” were designed.

As an aside, while coming up with an optimal, real-time route between Ivarstead and High Hrothgar was too tedious, I did note that fast travelling between both locations took 3 hours, 16 minutes in-game. At this speed, it’d be about 2,142 “steps” per hour, or one step every two seconds.

Given each step appears to be around a meter deep, the travel time is about 2.1 km/h. Googling around, I found that Trail Trove estimated most hikers move at around 3.2-4.8 km/h, which would make the trek up to High Hrothgar a particularly difficult hike. Although all things considered, not much of an inconvenience than an afternoon hike in a state park.

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