How many Swipes are too much in Arena?

I’m currently drafting a Druid deck in the Arena and I’m getting an absolutely huge number of Swipes offered. I have four of them already in my deck, and I just got a fifth offered at round 22 of the drafting.

In the guides on Arena drafting I found Swipe is usually mentioned as an “always pick”, but I would assume that there is a point where I should stop picking Swipe and pick something else. How many Swipes are still a good idea, and when should I stop picking Swipe?


Spells should always be favored over minions when constructing arena decks. Especially if the are really good and cost effective damaging spells like swipe.

Swipe means 4 guaranteed damage to any one, for only 4 cost
+ you get to deal 1 damage to everyone else
+ it has great synergy with spell damage

How many are too much?
You cannot use swipe the first 3 turns and if you have alot of swipes and not enough draw cards, you will run out of cards fast. That is the most common reasons for losing in the arena.

For a balanced deck your arena should have about
5/30 draw cards at least
10/30 normal minions at least
5/30 other spells

So you can have about 10 swipes and still have a healthy balanced deck

Cost effective usually means several things: You spend less mana to take out a higher mana card and/or you are able to do a 1 card for 2(or more) swap. Swipe can accomplish both in the right situations And the fact that you can use it against heroes makes it a good finisher in a pinch. z-

Source : Link , Question Author : Mad Scientist , Answer Author : Esqarrouth

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