How much food does a person need each year?

I’ve got some pretty poorly performing fisheries. Can’t quite explain why (they’re not overlapping and the workers live right next to them), but they only produce about 200food/year for 4 people. I think this is way under what’s required so I’m planning to go destroying the underperforming fisheries.

How much food does a person need each year? This way I can know which fisheries are at least subsistence-level and which are not.


Using the Town Hall statistics, you can see how much food your population is consuming (and producing) each year. As far as how much EACH person needs a year, you can divide Used over the last year by total population to get an estimate. It’s not exact, because people are born / die during the year so the population number fluctuates, but I get just over 100 food per citizen using this method.

To access the Town Hall statistics, build a town hall, click on it, and select the Production tab.

Food per year

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