How much gold and elixir can be stolen when raiding other players?

I was wondering what’s the maximum amount of loot that can be stolen while raiding a player or while being raided by another player.

If I have 500k Gold and 600k Elixir, would that mean that they can steal all of my loot? If not, what’s the percentage or maximum amount of loot that can be taken?


Until you reach Town Hall 5, 20% from your gold/elixir can be stolen from the storages. The cap for this is 200k. From TH6 and onwards, this percentage drops by 2% for each TH level. From TH7 and above the cap increases with 50k for each TH level.

So for clarity and completeness (and no calculations):

TH Level    % Available to be Stolen    Cap    Storage Amount to Reach Cap
1-5         20%                         200k   1.000M
6           18%                         200k   1.1111M
7           16%                         250k   1.5625M
8           14%                         300k   2.1428M
9           12%                         350k   2.9167M
10          10%                         400k   4.0000M

Source : Link , Question Author : Warface , Answer Author : galacticninja

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