How much larger is a Lightning Creeper’s explosion radius compared to a regular Creeper?

With the advent of weather in 1.5, lightning strikes during rainstorms can set fire to trees, frankenstein pigs to zombie pigmen, and perhaps most insidiously of all, super-charge Creepers with blue electricity.

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The minecraft wiki states that a supercharged creeper has a “stronger” explosion, and can kill the player much more easily. While “stronger” is unquestionable in meaning for blast resistance and raw damage, I was wondering if the explosion radius is actually increased as well?

How large is the explosion radius compared to that of a regular creeper?

*Note: anecdotal evidence may not be sufficient alone, as it may be difficult to determine “bigger craters because of more blast power” and “bigger craters because the blast power covers a larger area”. It could even be both at once.


The power of charged creepers is 6 (data from decompiled source code), 3/2 powerful than TNT, twice powerful than normal creepers. But I then realized there were two definitions of “explosion radius” (for blocks and for entities), so I updated the wiki for your clarification.

In a word, The blast radius in the air for blocks of charged creepers is 10.2, and the damage radius for entities of charged creepers is 12.

Source : Link , Question Author : Raven Dreamer , Answer Author : xfs

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