How much of the environment do I feasibly need to destroy in Darksiders 1?

I just started playing Darksiders 1, and in The Crossroads (the area where you first meet Vulgrim), I found a secret chest by

destroying all of the fire hydrants.

Now I’m in The Choking Grounds (graveyard on the way to Tiamat), and there are destructible gravestones EVERYWHERE. Will I need to destroy everything in this game to feasibly find all of the hidden chests? I don’t want to have to make a point of simply hitting every single thing I see if I don’t have to.


Short answer:

Not really, there are three secret chests in total that require you do destroy/interact with certain object to appear. But later in the game you get Hoardseeker and Fury’s Embrace that reveal the location of the chests on the map, so you can just safely leave the environment intact until the map says there is a chest that you can’t seem to find.

Long answer:

There are three secret chests:

  1. The Crossroads

    • Location

      Main Plaza

    • Interaction

      Break all six fire hydrants

  2. Choking Grounds

    • Location


    • Interaction

      Destroy all the big grave stones

  3. Twilight Cathedral

    • Location


    • Interaction

      Light all the torches


Bonus info:

There is a chest in Drowned Pass, but it is quest specific, so don’t waste time searching for anything to break like I did. I don’t remember what it was, it’s a long time ago, but either it is a glitch and there is no chest (source) or you can only do it while you are doing the quest

for the rock door guy and you have to go into those 4 orange portals to get the door clear.

If you don’t get it then, you can never get it, but it’s only a chest of souls so it doesn’t matter.(source)

Source : Link , Question Author : vaindil , Answer Author : Sentry

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