How much scrap can a Scrap Crew scrap if a Scrap Crew could scrap scrap?

How does the Scrap Crew stronghold project work? What is its rate of scrap generation when I am online/offline? When does the amount sync to my game and is there anything I can do to affect the rate?


Based on my experience and from what I’ve seen other users post elsewhere. It seems that each active scrap crew gives you roughly 7-11 scrap/hour, and seems to peak at 500 scrap per crew. There is no way to increase the rate at which each crew collects. So, if you want a rough equation it comes down to:

x = number of crews (each stronghold may have a crew)

y = number of hours since you stopped playing

x*y*10 = amount of scrap (capping out at 500 scrap per crew).

You will get the scraps when you start the game again with an online connection.

So the most you would be able to get, assuming you have a scrap crew at all four strongholds, is 2,000 scrap after roughly 50 hours.

Or in better terms:

A scrap crew would scrap as much scrap as a scrap crew could scrap if a scrap crew could scrap scrap.

Source : Link , Question Author : Wolf , Answer Author : Tipster

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