How on earth (or whatever planet it is) do I win, or even survive, on level 3?

At the beginning of level three, I am dropped in an area with no resources and told to defeat a large biter nest with just what I can create with my starting resources. I can’t figure out how this is possible. Biters show up and soak up my bullets faster than I can produce them, and every bullet I fire is one less that I have to assault the final base. What can I do?


This one gave me a ton of trouble as well. Happily, I found a simple way to win. It takes a little bit of prep time, but not long at all, compared to most missions.

First off, go ahead and take out the first biter nest. You don’t need anything special for it, just run in holding space bar, and take your licks. After you get your explosives and drones, retreat back to the original location of the car. Once you’re there, Biters won’t come and attack you, allowing you to do what you need to in peace.

Now, retrieve your supplies from your car (yeah, I forgot it had stuff, too). Your goal is to make something like 20 more defender drones. Not hard, just time consuming. You can make it easy by right clicking on the defender drones in your build menu. That will add five items per click. (Incidentally, that works for any item). Once complete, put them in an easily accessible shortcut on your quickbar.

Now, save. Take the car down the path by the lakes; there should be a thin path between them. Right at the bottom, turn east, and give her as best you can. The Biters and Worms will make short work of your car, but that’s fine; it’s only meant as extra health. Once it explodes, start dropping your drones, and retreat into the trees. Do NOT engage the Biters yourself; it slows you down too much. The idea is to get into the trees, and let the drones take care of them. The ship is just in the southeast corner of the biter nests; all you need to do is get there, and grab the computer. That will end the mission.

Source : Link , Question Author : SaintWacko , Answer Author : Frank

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