How should I go about finding a guild in WoW?

What strategies do you use to find the right guild for you in World of Warcraft?
Forums? Trade chat?
Should I be willing to realm transfer?


You should be willing to transfer but I don’t think it’s good to blindly transfer.

There are many ways to look for a guild and your process has to change based on what you want out of a guild. Here are some methods from least involved to most involved.

1) trade chat: lots of guild advertise there. Pick one and try it.. if you don’t like them try another.

2) PUG: Jump in random groups. If you like some one ask them about their guild. You can learn about tons of guilds that way.

3) apply: Lots of the top raiding guilds have an application process. These guilds are more serious about the content they play and PUG random people less so you might not meet them while trying to find random groups.

Important things to consider when looking for a guild are times of the day you are free and if that is when your new guild plans on runing guild events like raids and pvp. Some guilds focus more on results and less on the social side of the game. Knowing what you want out of a guild can go a long way to finding a good guild.

Source : Link , Question Author : tbeseda , Answer Author : STHayden

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