How to add more ROMs to MAME on X-Arcade

We take the off-hours entertainment seriously here at Stack Exchange, so we got one of the X-Arcade cabinets installed at the office.

Trouble is – we can’t seem to be able to add more ROMs to it.

The whole thing’s backed by a PC running Windows 8. We know where the ROMs are supposed to be located. If we drop additional zipped ROMs into C:\MAX2.10\MAME\roms and then run mame64.exe, they are recognized just fine. However, the frontend runner that the cabinet comes with doesn’t seem to be able to pick up the new games we dropped in.

Hitting F5 doesn’t seem to make it refresh. It looks like the frontend software is capturing all keyboard input and interpreting it in its own way.

How can we make this work so that we don’t have to keep bringing up the task manager, killing the frontend, and running MAME directly? In a pinch, it’ll probably do, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to get a full list of available games from MAME itself, so having them show up in the cabinet’s frontend emulator would be best.


New game ROMs can be put in the “PUT MAME ROMS HERE!” folder found on your desktop (do not extract the .zip files).

If you add new ROM files to the roms folder, you will need to tell Maximus Arcade to Refresh the Game List. To do this,

  • Open Preferences (Use the keyboard’s RIGHT-SIDE CONTROL KEY (NOT LEFT) CONTROL+P while in the front end, or the Preferences link found at C:\MAX 2.10\Frontend).
  • Choose the Configuration tab.
  • Next to “Configuration for” choose the emulator you want to look for new roms in (example MAME) from the drop-down list.
  • Next click on the “Scan” tab at the bottom, and put a check next to “Force rescan of media folder”.
  • Close preferences. Your screen may be blank for a few minutes while it is updating.

If your ROMs don’t appear or don’t work see our ROMS help page.

Source : Link , Question Author : Adam Lear , Answer Author : Adam Lear

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