How to assign many blockers at the same time?

These days with Field of the Dead it is not unusual to block 40 zombies with 40 zombies. I’ve sometimes seen my opponents being able to do that very quickly, so I feel like there is some interface trick I am missing. Any ideas?


You can quick-assign blockers by simply clicking both stack indicators when assigning blockers. Note however, that it only works if you have stacks of tokens.

  • When attacking or blocking with a stack of tokens, you can click on
    the stack indicator (“x4”) to issue attack or block commands to the
    entire stack.

    • When declaring a stack of tokens as blockers against a stack of attackers, clicking on the top creature in the attacking stack
      declares all of the blockers on that creature, and clicking on the
      stack indicator of the attacking stack will declare the blockers 1:1
      with the attackers.


Source : Link , Question Author : pius , Answer Author : Jutschge

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