How to be stealthy with weapons in Cyberpunk 2077?

I attempt a stealth build. I find that the only way I can dispatch enemies without them getting alarmed is by grabbing them and choking them rendering weapons somewhat useless to me for now.

Since when I use a gun, I either make to little damage to one-shot them or once I kill an enemy even with a silenced gun, all the surrounding enemies get alarmed starting a common firefight. I know that I can escape them or that there are quick hacks to make enemies leave the fighting state, yet I want to avoid them getting alarmed by me in the first place. Basically, I want to be a ghost.

Is there a way to dispatch enemies with a gun without an entire enemy camp getting alarmed?


Stealth and stealth-based combat is generally seen as one of the weaker mechanics in Cyberpunk 2077. Unless your are able to grab an enemy from behind it’s difficult to defeat enemies while remaining hidden.

Apart from stealth grabs, there are not many other ways you can dispatch an enemy discretely:

  • First, you may use a suppressed weapon or a melee weapon to kill the enemy in one hit. If an opponent survives the first strike they will immediately alert their allies and break stealth. Melee isn’t very different from standard grabs, and one shot kills with suppressed weapons can only be done when you’re vastly more powerful than your opponent. This type of stealth combat is fickle because you may not know the strength of your enemy
  • Occasionally, you can use environmental hazards to kill unsuspecting enemies. Using your smart scanner you can search for and and QuickHack some machinery in the area to drop boxes or blow up an electrical junction. These environmental kills will raise your enemy’s awareness to alerted and they’ll start patrolling the area where their friend died, but at least they won’t know where you are.
  • While I haven’t tried it, it should be possible to kill an enemy with a hacked autoturret which would undoubtedly raise the alarm but might allow for you to maintain stealth
  • Perhaps the best way to fight from stealth is to use QuickHacks. With the appropriate levels of your Cyberdeck you can use powerful QuickHacks that capitalize on an enemy’s weaknesses. If they survive the attack they’ll become alerted but won’t yet know your direct location, and have reduced health for followup QuickHacks or attacks with suppressed weapons. If they die nobody else will be alerted to the flatline.

Source : Link , Question Author : k0pernikus , Answer Author : PausePause

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