How to check if a pandas dataframe contains only numeric column wise?

I want to check every column in a dataframe whether it contains only numeric. How can i find it.


You can check that using to_numeric and coercing errors:

pd.to_numeric(df['column'], errors='coerce').notnull().all()

For all columns, you can iterate through columns or just use apply

df.apply(lambda s: pd.to_numeric(s, errors='coerce').notnull().all())


df = pd.DataFrame({'col' : [1,2, 10, np.nan, 'a'], 
                   'col2': ['a', 10, 30, 40 ,50],
                   'col3': [1,2,3,4,5.0]})


col     False
col2    False
col3     True
dtype: bool

Source : Link , Question Author : Raja Sahe S , Answer Author : rafaelc

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