How to clean dust and spider webs in my house?

I bought Breezehome and am very happy with it: it is a nice and cozy house with everything I need.

However, I couldn’t miss noticing dust spots and spider webs in several places. In dungeons it’s acceptable, but in my own house? I sought some way to clean my house.

First I tried to use Unrelenting Force to blow the dust and spider webs away – no luck.

Maybe some fire will burn it and leave the floor/wall clean? No – it just made it worse.

Finally a great idea hit me – broom! I found one, took it and was very disappointed to find I can’t equip or use it in any way – also tried just dropping it on the spider webs but of course, that did not help.

Am I doomed to live in a dirty house?


I believe the cobwebs will be removed when you buy the decorations for your house.

Source : Link , Question Author : Shadow Wizard Is Vaccinated V3 , Answer Author : Kurley

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