How to clear “Storm the Sheep” on extreme in Defender’s Quest?

I’ve tried a couple of strategies with little success so far.

So far my strategy consists of:

  • 1 non-upgrade warrior to kill the normal sheeps
  • 2 knights for knockback, stun and general damage (upgraded as much as possible)
  • 1 ice mage for the slow and freeze (sometimes upgrade to lvl 3)
  • 3-4 archers (as much as I can summon with the available “points”)
  • Using the push back and frenzy spells from time to time although the push back doesn’t seem to work.

I swap all the characters as the sheep moves along the way.

I also tried using a Dragon to “now” the sheep when below 19% HP but it didn’t work.

So am I on the good path or am I missing something completely obvious.

The battle selection screen for reference:Storm the Sheep battle selection screen

and the battle map:Storm the Sheep battle map screen


I found it pretty easy using all level 20 troops (with level 22 librarian), using some of the advice from previous answers. The sheep ate it just past 1/2 way.

The general strategy was to follow the sheep with 3 unboosted ice mages for the first 1/4 of the path to build up slow debuff duration, then ambush him near the 1st corner with inspired berserkers and archers while he’s under bleed, light and slow debuffs.


  • 3 Ice Mages – to build up slow effect before the ambush (-65% spd.).

    – Lvl.9 Chill. I also had Lvl.9 Freeze which is probably useless, so most likely Lvl.10 mages would be just as good.

  • 6 Archers
    • 1 to apply bleed debuff (+89% dmg.). (Lvl.9 Deep Shot & at least Lvl.1 Rapid Shot)

      – 5 to do damage. (Lvl.9 Rapid Shot and Lvl.9 Sharp Shooter)

  • ~3 Berserkers – to do damage. Perhaps these are not needed.

    – Lvl.9 Flurry and Lvl.9 Madness.

  • 4 or more Healers – to Inspire other troops & apply light debuff. I had 6, but 4 would be plenty I think.
    • Lvl.9 Inspire, Lvl.1 in all other skills. Inspired troops do +34% damage. I’m not sure if the light debuff increases (doubles?) damage taken or not, but the icon shows on the sheep so perhaps it does.


Everyone was equipped with weapons and armor bought at the dragon city/lair nearby, except one of the archers who had slightly better Captain’s Warbow, rewarded from one of the earlier battles.

What I did:

  1. Put someone to kill the weak sheep at the other spawn. (I used an unboosted berserker, but anyone would do I think, so long as it’s not a dragon who might cancel the slow effect.)

  2. Put 3 ice mages at start and follow the sheep with them up to about the 1st corner, without boosting them. By that point they’d built up enough slow effect to last the rest of the battle and I had enough psi to start following with berserkers instead. You can see if the slow effect has worn off by checking if the sheeps speed has gone back above 0.03.

  3. Start setting up the ambush near the 1st corner. I set up Archers and Berserkers first, then Healers last, though perhaps setting up healers 2nd might be better. Anyhow, the troops were positioned as follows:

    • 1st row (adjacent to path): 3 Berserkers, fully boosted (move with the sheep).

    • 2nd Row: Healers, fully boosted (as many as you can get in range of the sheep and the troops they will inspire). Note: it seems they only cast Zeal (Inspire) when the sheep is in range, so you’ve got to keep an eye on them to make sure they’re not slacking off.

    • 3rd and 4th rows: Archers, fully boosted, preferably within the range of a few healers. Bleed archer was the priority at the beginning (+89% dmg), then less so later when sheep had built up bleed debuff.

  4. Keep moving everyone to keep them busy and inspired. By the time the sheep got to the 2nd corner I had enough psi to follow him with 3 berserkers as well as 2 healers beside them on the front row, other healers on 2nd row and keep all the archers in range, mostly near the healers. The sheep was practically finished by then anyway, so perhaps all that is required is Lvl.9 slow, Lvl.9 bleed and the the healers light debuff (if that actually has any effect), IDK.

enter image description here

Other tips:

  • If you have a low level librarian, be careful not to recall more than a couple of fully boosted guys at once, otherwise the psi will max out when it returns and you’ll lose some. It’s best to use all the psi building/boosting before unpausing (if you pause to recall & move guys).

  • As others mentioned, spamming Lvl.9 Frenzy spell helps too I think, though mostly I forgot.

Source : Link , Question Author : Michel Billard , Answer Author : Jeff Atwood

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