How to cure Frog’s curse?

I’m replaying Chrono Trigger. My understanding is that you can cure Frog’s curse, and see him in human form during the ending.

According to the FAQs and walkthroughs, I need to

kill Magus at North Cape,

which i have done. And yet, when I beat the game, Frog still remains an amphibian.

What else do I need to do to cure Frog?

(In case it matters, I’m running the Playstation port, on an actual Playstation. (Not a PS2/3 or emulator))


I don’t think the requirements of this have changed on any of the platforms.

Did you specifically initiate the event with Frog in your party at the time?

If you have Frog in your party when you head to the North Cape, there will be conversation about the curse. Consequently, Frog will fight the battle on his own. If you win in this scenario, then it should result in the curse being broken for the ending.

Source : Link , Question Author : Sean McMillan , Answer Author : Grace Note

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