how to design and develop game level(stages) [closed]

I need some expert opinion about game level design. I’ve been developing android game(2D) using LibGDX framework inspired from below sample game.

LibGDX sample Drop game

I’ve customized this game and made several changes as I am novice in gaming industry. Now, I need some help related to level(stages) design. I’ve just implemented level-1. As level increases , complexity increases. Should I’ll have to implement new screen for each and every level and write separate code related to that screen. Or, there is some better approach? I want there should be single game play screen(except splash, menu and help screen etc) that should override sprite as level changes. I’ve searched a lot but didn’t find useful article.
Looking for useful links, article or online tool anything.

what should be the best design approach as performance is really matters. Should file reading is good approach or use sqllite ? What should be the best practices while designing these things as I am the one man army. Is there any level editor that will help.


You want a “Data Driven” system. This means that you have one game screen used over and over for every level.

When you want to load a level, read a file to decide what to do, the code should not know in advance because you might want to send out new level files later (ala DLC).

For this drop game, it would be pretty simple, your level file would probably just be numbers for how often and fast to send drops, and a list of your sprites for that level.

P.S. How to design is subjective, good luck with having that in your question. Artists usually hate having to mess with code though, so really get on that Data Driven system.

EDIT: To clear up the definition of “Data Driven”, there’s a topic right here on SO: What is data-driven programming?

Which has a great link in the comments section of the question: , which features a sweet and simple explanation:

…in data-driven programming, the data is not merely the state of some object, but actually defines the control flow of the program.

Source : Link , Question Author : ved , Answer Author : Community

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