How to do all 4 speed running achievements?

I’m looking to try to go and get those “Complete the act in 1 hour” achievements, and I do need some answers before I go in.

  • No doubt, the run will be in normal.
  • Should I invest in a movement speed build?
  • Should I do it solo or have a group?

And other things I should make sure I have before going to run those achievements.


Here’s a good starting checklist:

  1. Be at least level 45 or so for the normal mode runs. This will make sure you 1-hit almost anything, as well as have access to decent +movement speed boots
  2. Do it with a group of dedicated friends. This allows you to all spread out and search for dungeons, ballistas, exits, et cetera. 4 people searching a map is always a lot faster.
  3. Don’t pick up loot. Rares and legendaries may be okay, but anything less just won’t be worth your time.
  4. Except for the rare middle-of-the-map objectives like the Khazra Dungeon, most objectives are on the edge of the maps. With 4 people, have 2 immediately take a left and a right while the other 2 beeline for the other side of the map and do the same. This should cut your time down by a significant amount.
  5. This may seem obvious, but make sure your group uses the bathroom, smokes, eats, et cetera before you start. Bio breaks can kill your time.

Source : Link , Question Author : Fredy31 , Answer Author : Hyppy

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